Sunday, September 6, 2009


In which the monsters drone on and on...and on and on...about our quick little afternoon fishing trip-turned unexpected 3-hour wilderness adventure. Except they tend to leave out all the adjectives, adverbs, and nouns, and only really fill 7 minutes of film with transitional phrases like, "and after that we..."

So, here's the gist of it:

It was the perfect cool but sunny afternoon to take a walk down to the lake. [Can't you just HEAR the Andy Griffith theme song playing?]
When very shortly after this picture was taken, the 6-year-old twin terrors decided they were bored and ready to move on from the whole 15 minutes we had devoted to the actual fishing portion of our fishing outing.
But as luck would have it, we managed to scrape up a few mudbugs and clams before, evidently, deciding to follow the female spawn up a cool-looking shortcut that, unfortunately, was neither.

Two-and-a-half hours later...

We'd scaled one mountainside too many, scraped up our elbows and knees, lost the majority of our crawfish water, but emerged triumphantly on the other side...and just in time for dinner, too. And no, it was not crawfish and clam chowder (much to their chagrin). We're, apparently, holding them (still) in our garage in vicious vengeance for their treacherous trickery in deceiving us into believing a shortcut is a shortcut is a shortcut. THAT should teach them!

[pew! what IS that smell?]

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


In which the monsters attempt to describe their first day of first grade (in separate classes, even). Can you believe it??? :)